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New Concept Creation

Bring your concept to life – staying true to your vision whilst aligning with the inevitable shift in consumer behaviour following Coronavirus
New Concept Creation
Our industry has always adapted to changes in society and advances in the way we live, eat and drink. In times of social transformation, it's important to ensure that new concepts are forward thinking and built to anticipate the coming changes.

There will be inevitable differences in the way customers eat and in general consumer behaviour across the food sector following Coronavirus. It is vital that you prepare your business for these behavioural changes – aligning with the need for even more convenience, for contact-less (delivered) food and for cashless businesses. We'll steer you through this journey, ensuring you're set for success and able to adapt to an ever-changing industry.

We can help turn your vision into a successful reality, using our experience in creating and developing food concepts for industry leading brands.

Adapting our new concept creation process into a remotely managed new concept development programme, we can plan, create and develop new concepts, giving them a head start for when consumer and industry confidence returns.

Concept Definition & Development Plan

Working remotely alongside stakeholders to create, challenge and strengthen the concept vision and development plan
Research – local and competitive market
Consumer trends
Competitive review
Customer insight
Customer need-states
Menu & food offer
Vision and architecture
Annual LTO and Specials plan
Day-part planning
Crockery & packaging proposal
Operational planning
In-house prep VS outsourced
Operational material
Kitchen layout principles
Equipment selection
Site requirements
People planning
Team structure
Job descriptions
People specs – skills and salaries
Ideal rota created


You'll be ready to go when your customers are.
Concept created on paper
Bespoke concept book defined, bringing your vision and menu to life. The outputs can also form the content of briefs to brand agencies, interior designers and kitchen fitters.
Development plan & framework
In-depth culinary brief created, along with operational and supply feasibility plan. Ready to be picked up by our development chefs.
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