Operational Performance Review
An external expert fresh eyes view on kitchens, operational processes and business performance.
Menu Performance
A full review of all food and drink against in-house specs, a gap analysis and future menu plan - giving you a clear action plan for improvement.
Business Performance
A business data review.

By fully understanding your P&L performance, sales data, COGS and labour model, we can give you clear actions, targets and tips to work towards.
Kitchen & Processes
Clear improvement plan for your operation. This includes kitchen setup, equipment suitability, supply chain, kitchen layouts and operating standards. A drawn up Gold Standard kitchen layout.
Team & Training
We'll review your team set-up and role responsibilities, along with a review of your kitchen training material - identifying gaps, making recommendations and suggested improvements.
Operational Performance Reviews serve to uncover and understand root causes of kitchen and process under-performance, along with proposed corrective actions.

How it works

Establish goals
We conduct a kickoff meeting to understand the needs, goals and challenges of your business.
Immersion and data review
We review data from the business; P&L performance, sales data, COGS and labour, supply chain, kitchen layouts, recipes and operating standards to give us a good understanding of the business.
Site visits
We conduct site visits to the selected sites to observe workflows, procedures and evaluate performance of areas set out in the report scope. Alongside this, we note down any other observations and issues we uncover.
Upon the conclusion of the visits, we create a report containing all of our findings and actions for improvements.

We present the report back to you and together we determine how to implement the improvements.
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