Food and Drink Photography
Bringing your menu and dishes to life through photography

Our professionally trained in-house photographer, Lucy Hawthorne, will work with you to visualise your menu, equipped with professional studio lighting and state of the art photographic equipment. Lucy draws from her wide breadth of experience and training to create tailor made professional imagery which will bring your menu to life.

Lucy has worked in advertising, editorial and fine art photography for a wide range of clients. Her collaborative approach to food and restaurant photography will allow your dishes shine. The content she creates can be used in marketing campaigns and helps establish a strong pictorial presence within the industry.

Dish photography
High quality photos of your dishes and menu items. This simple photography style is suitable for various online and print media such as delivery aggregator platforms, digital menu boards, brand websites and printed menus.

We offer a selection of coloured backdrops to suit any desired aesthetic for your branding.

Lifestyle photography
Styled dish photographs for website and marketing purposes, utilising curated crockery and interiors.

Individual dish photographs paired with subtle props and lighting techniques which characterise your menu.

Group photographs of multiple dishes in varied settings to advertise the brand, our images are eye catching and designed to fit in with your website and social media platforms.
Post-production work
All photos are professionally retouched, colour balanced and perfected as required.

You will receive your images as TIFF files which can be used for print along with JPEGs which are ideal for use on websites and social media.

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