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Our approach: helping food businesses succeed
Launched in 2018, the idea for Egg Soldiers was born a few years earlier. Co-founders Toph and Stefan had collaborated on several projects including working with Ole and Steen to introduce their brand and launch their food offer into the UK and product development for Coco Di Mama and saw a niche for an expert hospitality consultancy, bringing together concept creation, menu creative and operational nous.

We have assembled some of the best minds in the industry – our team is a group of strategic thinkers, creative minds, and commercial and operational experts – all full of good ideas and eager to take on a challenge.

Toph and Stefan are involved in every project. For us, this is not just a business, but a passion. Our success has been led by teamwork and idea sharing across our team and a collaborative approach with our clients.

This approach has been fundamental to our success.

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