We provide cutting-edge food trend analysis to drive customer-focused innovation and winning strategies for your business.

Our insight specialists work directly with clients
to effectively translate trend insight into
actionable product direction, steered by our macro and consumer insights, supported by our award-winning development team.

Genuine points of difference for standout food & drink brands

Are you ready to ignite your food innovation strategies?
Our priority is to understand your business goals and consumer lens to ensure our bespoke outputs are not only relevant and tangible, but tuned to both current needs and future opportunities.
Through our unique chef vantage point and robust methodology, we deliver concise and compelling food intelligence with actionable recommendations on how to reach your consumers in a big way
Our approach is always bespoke, with each project tailor-made to suit individual requirements.

Through our flexible range of report services, our industry-leading team helps businesses of all sizes unlock relevant, tangible product concepts and category specific ideas to ignite innovation.

Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers

How It Works

Supported by our unique chef vantage point, our insight specialists identify evolving food trend movements directly relevant to your business goals and consumer lens.
Our unique 'Quant-Theming' process includes extensive data sets and comprehensive market research, producing validated & tangible results that you can trust.
Driven by our bespoke research and analysis, we provide detailed and relevant reports and immersive workshops to inspire NPD teams and drive innovation in your business.
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Food Trend to Food Concept

What to expect:

  • Understand the state-of-play with Asian-inspired chicken with an expert-led overview, innovator examples, and a spotlight on potential opportunity areas for the UK market.

  • Journey with us through fried/breaded chicken seasoning opportunities, exploring viable retail applications and digesting analysis.

  • Discover a brand-new retail seasoning concept as an example of our 'trend to concept' methodology, with the team discussing ingredient builds and suitability for the UK market.

  • Understand possible range expansions, backed up by AI-led product concept showcases.
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