Talking Trends: Could butter boards be a hit on UK restaurant menus?

Butter boards are all over social media, but what do we make of the viral food trend and it’s future UK foodservice potential?

What are Butter Boards?

Very recently, artisan charcuterie boards were all the rage. They regularly enjoyed centre stage at weddings and parties, were the on-trend sharing option on both affordable and high-end restaurant menus, and were the go-to vehicle for product developers when creating seasonal, at-home showstoppers during holiday seasons.

Today, butter is having something of a charcuterie board moment. Call it a charcuterie evolution, if you will, with social media now awash with boujee butter boards of all shapes, colours, and sizes - sweet and/or savoury accoutrements galore and great hunks of bread just waiting to be dunked, scooped and slathered with the lot.

Said to be great for parties, and ripe for at-home creativity; the versatility of the butter board is what’s got social media talking, with plant-based iterations and even cream cheese riffs also now making waves.

What are some Butter Board examples?

Garlic Confit Butter Board

Put together by US food blogger @the_salted_bite, we thought this butter board to be a good example of how a mid-range brasserie or bistro might approach the food trend (were it to make it that far).

Made with softened Tillamook butter mixed with garlic confit, the butter is tastefully spread across the board and topped with lemon zest, parsley and AR's Mild Hot Southern Honey, served simply with French baguette slices.
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Pumpkin Spice Butter Board Brûlée

An autumnal dessert by all accounts, this vegan riff on the butter board concept by @thekoreanvegan starts with a spreadable dollop of vegan butter, followed by pumpkin purée, and a sprinkling of pumpkin spice and sugar, which is then burnt à la crème brûlée with a blowtorch.

Basil Pesto, Stracciatella + Roasted Cherry Tomato Butter Board

Quite the butter board 'Italian job' by US gourmet grocery chain, Central Market.

Basil pesto and traditional stracciatella soft cheese on a bed of softened butter, with roasted cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a sprinkling of pine nuts.
Butter Boards: Fad or Future?
  • Kateline Porritt
    Head of Trends, Egg Soldiers
    "Smearing butter on a board and topping it with bits and pieces? It's a fad for me.

    "Changing the flavour, shape, texture and ingredients of dairy products… a forever go-to for great simple and effective innovation.

    "From a trend perspective, the execution of the butter board plays into the novelty and playfulness of food we tend to see more of in times of uncertainty, and it's one of those ideas that lends itself nicely to a TikTok video. Easily accessible ingredients, fun, low cost and easy to replicate and develop on – hence the going viral.

    "By design it's entrenched in home cook achievement, chefs may be best placed adopting the spirit of it and executing with a little more skill and finesse (à la Thomas Straker)."
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