Watch UK scientists eat 'world's first' 100% lab-grown pork steak

To many in UK hospitality, lab-grown meat may still sound like a bit of a fantasy. And yet, just this week, a UK-based biotech startup has created what it claims is the world's first lab-grown pork steak made entirely from cultivated meat.
The innovation, developed solely using pig cells grown in a cell-culture environment, was put through its paces by its creators at BSF Enterprise-owned 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT) as part of the big announcement, with the lab-grown pork fillet evaluated in both its raw and cooked states.

When raw, the lab-grown steak was said to have a similar appearance to animal-based raw meat, boasting visible fibres and comparable structural integrity when cut. The team also revealed it had a similar consistency and elasticity to traditional meat when touched, and that it didn't have any pungent aroma.
3DBT scientists enjoy slivers of lab-grown pork steak (Image: BSF)
Like traditional meat, the lab-grown pork steak shrunk during cooking and displayed decent searing, crisping and charring on the surface. It was also said to give off the same aromas as when frying traditional pork.

"This is a significant scientific breakthrough which has very positive implications not just for BSF and 3DBT but also for the UK and the cultivated meat industry as a whole," said Dr. Che Connon, Chief Executive of 3DBT.

"We are absolutely delighted with the look, taste and texture of our cultivated pork, which is the first time we have fully sampled our product. Our cruelty-free fillet has exceeded our expectations in all respects, and we are extremely excited about the technological progress we are making and the impact this could have upon our industry."

While regulatory approval for the sale and consumption of lab-grown meat in the UK can still be considered a while away, with Singapore still currently the only country to allow it; 3DBT's recent cultivated milestone is a great step forward for the food tech industry as it strives towards delivering a sustainable food future.
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