Be ahead of the trends

Bespoke hospitality & food trend reports
Get a pipeline of ideas
Launch on-trend products
Lead the market

Identifying the right trends can be hard:
Translating trends into products can be hard:

What's a trend? What's a fad?
Kale crisps were a fad - thank god.
Avoid launching the next kale crisp.
Are all the trends relevant to me?
The truth is, not all trends are relevant to you. Knowing what xxx...
Hit and miss trend reports
Trend reports can be long, complex, full of noise and costly.
Avoid paying for trend reports that raise more questions than answers.
Constantly changing consumer preferences
Consumer trends and preferences change with time - keeping ahead of the curve can be challenging
It's time-consuming
Our prices are fixed for some standard services and we offer discounts for regular clients. Also, we ask our new clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
How do I turn a trend into a product?
Talk about consumer, ops, costs, process etc. we're professionals...
Relevant trends insights
(starts with the right insight)

Get bespoke trend reports that meet your business needs.
Simplify the process / Get to the answer quicker
(help turning the insight into ideas and cascading up/down the organisation for buy in etc)

Get to the answer quicker - Get real, actionable product ideas based on upcoming trends
Get a faster ROI
(ultimate goal - launch better, more profitable products quicker and get that promotion)

do we talk about speed here? getting to the answer quickly?
We get it
We know trend reports can be complex, confusing and contradicting.
So why should you spend your time sifting through them and translating them it products?

And what about the 'so what'? What do all the trends do they mean for me?

We feel your pain. We know spotting the right trends for your business can be time consuming, confusing and frustrating.
We understand how it feels to decipher big and contradicting trend reports.

We want to share this with you and drive your business foward

Here at Egg Soldiers, we live and breathe food trends each and every day. Whether we are creating new hospitality concepts, planning new menus new menus or developing new recipes - we're at the forefront of trends all day long.
Our team of hospitality experts are used to creating the trends, not just spotting them and we want your business to have them.
Our trend services
We will help you launch on-trend products and get a pipeline of relevant, futurethinking/on-trend ideas to launch
Trend reports just for you
The 'So What' analysis
We bring It To Life
Present to your board

Ideations session

Product concept workshops
How It Works
Schedule a call or meeting
so we can understand your business and needs.
Let us create a bespoke trend report
We'll create the plan etc...

We'll research and pull together the right trends for your business and give you clear, actionable insights recommendations.

using our trends research combined with our hospitality expertise

Launch the on-trend products and menus
Grow your business, improve etc...
all about them.

With a pipeline of ideas etc
At Egg Soldiers, we know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the changing trends landscape and trying to pin down the right trends, ideas, ingredients and then translating these trends into real, commercial ideas and products.

That's why we've created our bespoke trend service. So you can stay on-trend and focus on what you do best.

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