Côte Restaurants
Food Strategy & Menu Development

Project Overview
Côte brought Egg Soldiers in to support its creation of a new, dynamic food identity for its French brasserie-style restaurants.

This was an incredibly exciting and engaging project that included modernising the menu offer and operational streamlining, with all parts tying into a defined food strategy for the future, led by Côte's brand proposition plan, with a view to increasing appeal across consumer demographics.
Egg Soldiers x Côte:
Our Approach
Food ID Pathways & Menu Vision
The project began with a tailor-made food tour of leading London competitor sites, with the team isolating standout dish, customer and design learnings to serve as inspiration for Côte new menu and food ID workshopping.

The current Côte food and drink offer was also assessed in this first phase, so too its restaurants' operational capabilities, with Egg Soldiers working closely with the Cote team to isolate core F&B principles to serve as the bedrock for menu and dish development, both now and in years to come.
Food ID Workshops
Stemming from the phase one visions, Egg Soldiers guided the Côte team through a series of engaging food ID workshops to align on the new 'DNA' of menus across day parts, co-creating an evolved NPD vision to elevate and celebrate the Côte brand ethos.

This new food identity went beyond food and drink offer, incorporating not only crockery and smallwares, but also brand positioning in what is an increasingly competitive marketplace, with particular focus on appealing to a new generation of consumers seeking comfort, creativity, and affordability.
Culinary Showcase & Food ID Outputs
The Egg Soldiers' team then led on a culinary showcase comprising multiple dish examples that would support the new food vision and menu direction, with the showcase highlighting current and future offer opportunities.

This session also established the co-created food vision and agreed focus areas; a NPD checklist and development hierarchy; and an exciting pipeline of potential dish ideas for the menu launches ahead.
Client Feedback
  • Steve Allen, Executive Chef
    "Côte is going through an exciting period of change, with our food ID and strategy crucial to the journey.

    "As such, we decided to find a dynamic, highly-experienced food development agency with a unique approach to support us in its creation, and Egg Soldiers was more than up to the task.

    "The team showed remarkable attention to detail and a passion for the creative throughout. They guided us through every step with confidence and care, co-creating with our food team and delivering outstanding results that perfectly align with our food philosophy, both for now and for the future.

    "Toph and Stefan are both genuine experts, and I highly recommend them and their (Egg) Soldiers."
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