Case study

Operational Performance Review

restaurant operations review
Parkdean restaurants are hubs of activity from morning till evening.
Parkdean is one of the biggest holiday park operators in the UK with over 60 holiday parks. With a family friendly atmosphere and laid-back vibe, it's no wonder the parks are hugely popular and will host thousands of visitors over the peak holiday months.

Parkdean approached Egg Soldiers to see how we could improve their operations and kitchen throughput by creating a standardised kitchen model across the business. The aim was to improve the overall customer experience, food consistency and quality whilst reducing customer waiting times at peak hours.

To fully understand the business and the challenges, we audited eight sites during peak holiday seasons to get the full experience of the business at its busiest times. Alongside the site visits, we reviewed as much data as possible – from product sales reports to supply chain, equipment specs, training material and operational guides.

Armed with an exhaustive understanding of the business and operations, we collated all our insight into a report listing our prioritised recommendations for each site along with a strategy for a kitchen change project. The foundation for this change strategy was to create a highly efficient and detailed gold standard kitchen layout with smart kitchen technology to alleviate pressure on the chefs and allow the team to manage peak trading times to good service and quality standards. Our work demonstrated that there was significant opportunity to improve operations with great benefits.

Since doing the initial report, we have been engaged by Parkdean again to make further recommendations on kitchen layouts, operations and gold standards, all of which supports a companywide transformational project. This initiative will help Parkdean stay ahead of the game in the competitive leisure and holiday park industry.

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