The Alchemist:
Food Offer Review, Menu Strategy and Recipe Development

Project Overview
Egg Soldiers arrived at The Alchemist with the task of revamping its existing food offer over two dedicated projects, with the creative cocktail chain keen to breathe new life into its range of restaurant menus.

Along with a full menu and operational review, this two-part project also included new recipe and dish development, with the team working alongside The Alchemist's food and marketing teams to establish a defining food ID that would align with the brand's focus on the theatrical, perfectly dovetailing its ongoing cocktail innovation efforts.
Egg Soldiers x The Alchemist:
Our Approach
Food Offer Review & Menu Strategy
This was far from a simple critique of menu structure and dish design. Instead, Egg Soldiers fully immersed itself in The Alchemist's culinary operation, syncing with the food team to understand target areas for existing and new dish development, establishing a collaborative client relationship built on trust.

Fundamentally, we were there to make them look good, with the team helping The Alchemist isolate a standout food identity built on solid guiding principles, created from existing menu learnings and with priority consumer demographics in mind.
New Recipe & Dish Development
To match the creativity of The Alchemist's cocktails on its food menus, the teams agreed on an Americana-Southeast Asian food identity - a lively marriage of culinary styles driven by punchy flavours in recognisable formats.

Egg Soldiers tackled all new recipe and dish development, as well as revamps for well-performing existing menu items. Elements of theatrical flair were essential to align with the brand's overarching vision and voice, with dynamic menu language used to underline The Alchemist's focus on the experiential and avant-garde.
Food Menu Launch & Support
The Alchemist's new food menus were packed with fun and imagination, with dishes including miso-glazed salmon engulfed in cherry wood smoke; cheeseburger bao buns; kimchi cheese toasties; and an array of vibrant platters served on inventive crockery.

Alongside finished dishes, Egg Soldiers provided on-site training for the culinary teams to ensure effective and consistent dish delivery, with the team also supporting in person on both soft and formal menu launches.
Client Feedback
  • Jenny McPhee, Brand Director
    "Working with Egg Soldiers has really helped us to think differently about our offer, the team immersed themselves into our brand and sought out the latest food trends and techniques that worked for our business.

    "It absolutely isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. The experience is a collaborative one, and we have really enjoyed the relationship that has formed working on our last two menu projects."
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