VE Kitchen: New Concept Creation

Project Overview
Our project with VE Kitchen started simply with a vision from its founder, Ray. He came to us with a passion for wholesome plant-based food driven by a defined healthy eating philosophy - a passion he wanted to translate into a vibrant restaurant brand delivering best-in-class vegan and Ayurvedic-leaning food and drink.

And while we call the service 'new concept creation', the reality here was a step-by-step evolution of Ray's plant-based concept vision, with Egg Soldiers building VE Kitchen's innovative four-category menu strategy from the ground up, developing all dish recipes and structuring its operations to handle both dine-in and dark kitchen-based delivery requirements.
Egg Soldiers x VE Kitchen:
Our Approach
Concept Definition & Food Strategy
We took Ray and his team on our full concept creation journey. We downloaded his vision and isolated ways in which we could help him evolve it into an operationally streamlined concept with a defined food identity and broad, lasting appeal.

And from a starting point of 'wholesomeness', blending Ayurvedic dietary touchpoints with the appeal of vegan comfort food; we identified four distinct menu styles that would not only deliver on Ray's food philosophy, but also establish a unique proposition across customer facing and dark kitchen concepts, all under the VE Kitchen umbrella.
Menu Development & Integration
The four menu sections were designed to appeal to plant-based eaters across occasions, marrying all aspects of Ray's original vegan vision as part of one, in-house VE Kitchen menu.

Importantly, these four sections would act as individual dark kitchen VE Kitchen menus on delivery platforms, capturing a wider market of plant-based food seekers depending on need.

Egg Soldiers took on all aspects of menu development across the four distinct styles, including full recipe creation and supply chain setup for each of the dishes, creating a one-stop shop for great plant-based food and drink.
Concept Launch & Support
Egg Soldiers supported VE Kitchen on its launch in 2020, working as one to establish the four defined menus for both dine-in and delivery opportunities:

'Guilty Pleasures' was to be driven by indulgent plant-based burgers.

'Modern Classics' delivered a more casual dining feel - recognisable dishes for regular vegan eating occasions.

'Game Changers' featured a range of food bowls developed according to Ayurvedic principles for eating mindfully.

'Sip'N'Go' included hot and cold drink options, with pre- and post-workouts, on-the-go, and gut health all initial development focus areas.
Client Feedback
  • Ray Duhaney, Founder
    "Egg Soldiers was instrumental in helping us create our food and drink identities, menus, and recipes from scratch as a startup.

    "Their innovative and creative approach allowed them to think outside the box, resulting in unique and delicious dishes that have helped establish us as a leading brand in the vegan and Ayurvedic-inspired food industry.

    "Their expertise in crafting creative solutions has been invaluable in propelling our brand forward."
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