Tortilla & Chilango:
Food Strategy & Menu Development

Project Overview

Following Tortilla's purchase of Chilango, Egg Soldiers was brought in to provide support and structure to the development of a defined food strategy for the future.

Specific project goals included a targeted food innovation approach, updated menu architecture, and a yearly LTO launch calendar, all co-created with the Tortilla team.
Egg Soldiers x Tortilla/Chilango:
Our Approach
Operational Immersion & Menu Offer Review
We began the project by immersing ourselves in both brands for a complete picture of current food propositions, menu engineering tactics, supply chain setups, and target customer journeys.

This is a hugely important part of our process, as it provides us with a detailed understanding of both business and brand values, allowing us to lay foundations for the latter stages of our work.

As part of this step, we also evaluated both back- and front-of-house operations to identify any gaps in skill and any new equipment needed to effectively deliver current and future menus, as per our recommendations.
Food Strategy & Identity Planning
The next step focused on food menu strategy, with Egg Soldiers and Tortilla undergoing collaborative sessions on ways to diversify and grow each brand.

Differentiated strategies were co-created during these sessions, based around the two brands' target customer types (and needs across occasions), with our comprehensive food & macro trend deep-dive and competitor analysis honing focus.

This was then followed by collaborative food identity workshops to align Tortilla's future food vision with its NPD direction, with the team also hosting targeted sessions on ways to align and evolve the Chilango brand.
Menu & LTO Planning
Working to a 12-month food calendar, Egg Soldiers delivered menu and LTO plans for both Tortilla and Chilango, in line with the newly-defined food identities and operational setups.

These plans included recommendations on current dish improvements and pricing targets, menu layout guidance, and a detailed operational plan.

We also provided Tortilla with an exciting pipeline of product ideas for the year ahead.
Client Feedback
  • Megan Burton-Brown, Marketing Director

    “Egg Soldiers came highly recommended, having worked with the Chilango brand for the best part of a decade. And they certainly lived up to their reputation.

    "Not only did they help us define our food strategies for both Tortilla and Chilango and deliver concise menu plans for the upcoming year; they also gave us some brilliant recommendations on future ways to differentiate and diversify both brands which we can keep coming back to.

    "The team went above and beyond in all aspects of the brief, and we would not hesitate in recommending them.”

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